Friday, March 2, 2012

Pain Pacifier

How to deal with Pain?Ouch! is a word that can be used in so many ways. It may be an ouch for a wound, or for a shallow reason even (kaartehan). But I have this ouch attached to a deep sigh of discontentment and disbelief. And yet again, how do you deal with it?

Ha, I blog and sigh and read, and sigh and eat and sigh, etcetera, etcetera. I BLOG, because somehow by telling somebody what I feel, this pain seems to fade a little. It is like I have this thing in my brain that locks up the thought of even feeling this pain whenever I write. Imagine this, well I guess, I can imagine this from the movies that I saw, that your brain is made up of different drawers for different, thoughts, emotions and feelings, and that whenever I write, this drawer containing the feeling of pain locks up immediately, leaving the other drawers opened for consumption hahaha.

I READ, because it is a good excuse not to talk or to be asked how I feel. It is as if, I am busy with something. Ok, ok you caught me I read because I love to and that it fills my mind with imaginations, that overwhelms me ergo, I forget PAIN, for a moment.

I EAT, need I say more, you need to eat sweets though, it is more effective in killing your PAIN feelings for awhile.

I SIGH, it is a sign of hope. That your body adjusts to the pain you are feeling. As if telling me that whenever, I sigh, I have to be strong, I have to release this pain, little by little each day. I never said, it was easy dealing with pain, but at least I have a little idea on how to deal with it. And oh, I have real people who loves me and supports me no matter what. Thank God for Real People.


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    1. wow, I'm glad you appreciate it, thanks..I'll check out your

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