Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Purse

Hi guys, this is an easy step of creating and designing your own purse. Now that it's summer you will have plenty of time to create one(",).

Step 1: Look for materials that can be seen in your own home, like old pair jeans or a sturdy piece of clothing. In my case I used old pair of jeans, and extra pieces of cloth from other crafts that I made. And chain for the bag which I bought for P20.00 a meter. (If you do not have extra cloths at home, you can buy inexpensive ones in the mall)

Step 2: Measure the clothing on how big or long your purse will be.

Step 3: Cut the pieces of clothing in strips (those with different prints, so that your purse will look colorful)

Step 4: Sew the your purse together, and then sew the pieces of clothing one by one, starting at the bottom, to make it easy pin it in place.

Step 5: Sew the chains on both sides, it will depend on the length that you desire.

My assistant joan will show you the final product and how long the purse looks like (",). Have fun creating your own purse!(",)...

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