Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop and Pause

There will be days that I just wanted to stop and take a breather, and this is one of those days. I dunno, could be the heat or just me. Hmmmmm, there are a lot of things going on in my mind right now. Still, there are these mixed emotions, I want to fly, far away and feel numb. Looking through my wall, there are nice romantic stickers but they seem naked to me as if they do not exist. I put them there to make me feel happy, and surprisingly it aint working. Bunch of magazines at the right side of my table, they are supposed to be my ego booster, and then again not working, accessories hanged at the left side of my table, what?! they're there all this time?!. Underneath my table, do you wanna know? bunch of trinkets and other sorts I used in crafting my necklaces. My purse, my animal foot mat as called by me. But then again, thinking of all the good stuff I have, it gives a little smile on my face, "Gurl", you are blessed!..


Semi Edgy Look