Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Space Called Mine

So this is how my table looks like, it has a touch of different colors. There is this yellow and blue combi, because I love yellow and langga likes blue. Now there is a touch of pink, it is not really my fave color but maybe subconsciously I have this girly drive within which I thought I never had.

I love Dogs, so when I saw this cute bookend with a pink dog design I was super happy. On the left side of my table hangs few of my axxes. I love Paris, though I haven't been there, and I am a hopeless romantic, I believe in Love and I love the fact of its existence ergo, the stickers. I chose this set of stickers because I want it to be super light amidst the burst of colors. It sorts of balances the mixture of colors so that it won't go over board.

Now underneath my table, you can also see my adoration of animal prints, so I have this thing I usually call floor mat, cow skin design, it is soft and comfortable. One thing about me, I do not compromise comfort otherwise it will ruin my day.

I also have this small containers for my trinkets and thing-a-majig. Its color is light gray though a bit transparent, still it balances other strong colors of my table, and oh, I bought it from SM for less than 500 pesos. Underneath my table is where I also put my purse and my laptop bag when not in use so that it will be an easy access. Being a full time mom and a store owner is not easy, thus, everything I need must be easily found. But do not get me wrong I am not Obsessive Compulsive, just a bit organized (a bit lang, hihi).

Now for my chair, I have this cheap green plastic chair with a cute, chair cushion in Pink with flower patterns hihi. I bought this from a vintage store here in Davao for only 30 pesos, amazing right?!. For a little space, I was able to come up with a design and a space called mine, so minimalist. You see, you do not need expensive decorations or a huge space for your table, just so it could look great. You just have to be creative and be YOU!...


  1. you have a cute table! I love pink and blue colours
    have a nice weekend

    1. Thank you Encarna(",)...I love cute colors too....take care...


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