Sunday, May 25, 2014

Poses Of Me (Lol)

Hello there, it is the 26th of May. Wow, it is almost June, it will be the start of that time, of waking up early, getting things done and sending my little kid in school. Sounds tiring but exciting as well. Anyway, summer ain't over until it is really over. And so, before my son gets busy with school, I requested him to take photos of me for my page "Clothes to Ponder Boutique". After all the convincing, I finally bribed him to do so hahahhha. Take note my boy is still 5years old. Here are some of  the photos he took(",)...

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Picture

Hello there, its the 14th of May, it's a cool weather today, not cold and not hot either, thank God! At least we get to have a break from a super hot summer weather here. Yesterday, my husband took a photo of me during a rainy day. It is my favorite photo so far. I love the weather, my outfit and my background shot.

I always love vintage type of photos, it can be calming and relaxing. Although I won't go so far as too vintagey(",)...hihi if there is such a word. Anway, here is a photo of me from yesterday...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So I like Hello Kitty too..

Hello there!

 Today is another hot, hot day. It is the 7th of May, gosh and the weather can't get any hotter. Anyways, I wanna share with you dear friend another fave of mine, Hello Kitty, do not get me wrong though I am not obsessed with Hello Kitty, I just find it cute and I also do not collect Hello Kitty merchandise.

It just so happened that I had a Notebook which I bought few years back, and a pen which is a token given to me by a friend. What a coincidence the two of them go together,notebook and pen har har. Maybe, I am destined to write or maybe not, who cares. Check out my photo down below(",)..ta..ta...

Sunday, May 4, 2014

  Today is the 5th of May, it is a super hot day!...I dream of going to a magical place where it is cool not cold and the surroundings are made of pastel colors..hmmm...
    Anyway, I have a slice of heaven here on Earth..Representing tan tan tana!... My pens!!! hihihi...I am fascinated with pens, all sorts of colors, designs and sizes..Here are few of my collection(",)...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to dress a dress

               How do I dress up a dress? First off you should know the pieces in your closet, from vest to jackets or even accessories.

            In this particular dress however I chose to pair it with a cute, very light pink vest with lace design(",).
This dress is dark gray in color with sewn cat pattern on the front. The color of the dress goes well with the vest.

And to top it off, a cute bicycle necklace and maong sling bag will do the trick. Have fun at the mall or even on a date with this cute dress!!!(",)..

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bolero + Sleeveless Top + Culottes = FAB

   So here's the equation Bolero + a printed sleeveless top + culottes = FAB     = P.

     It is so much fun mixing and matching outfits and now adays, girls become more braver and confident. Gone are those times when we need to match our outfits from head to toe in the same color, in fact wearing the same color from head to toe is now considered by some as a fashion crime.

  In this outfit I matched a not so fit printed sleeveless top  (it's actually a tropical print top) with a black culottes. Since, it's still raining every now and then I added this sort of Avocado green bolero with lace to make it a bit feminine.

  Of course these pieces when worn separately will still look good in their own way hihihi. Say for instance, this sleeveless top, you can pair it with a tight skinny jeans and thong sandals with a bit of accessories.

  Culottes themselves are already fashion statements, you can pair them with tank top or buttoned down top for a demure look.

   The Green Bolero on the other hand can be paired with a rugged dress or laced dress and still would look good just the same(",).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Go "Watch" It

I was going to do a little research about history of wristwatch unfortunately all I can come up with is this German guy Peter Henlein who accordingly made the first pocket watch in 1504 or was it that he was the popular watch maker? lol.

Anywhoo, I just want to talk about wristwatches boy oh boy, where to start. First off, I love wearing watches, I'm not a fan don't get me wrong, I just love wearing them because I consider watches as an important tool in our daily lives. Why? It tracks time, it helps you organize your day and thus, giving you less stress and less worries.

Watches are also one of those accessories which flatter your whole outfit. But you see, watches are more than just a tool for organizing or an accessory to make you look good, it is a "Good Excuse" to exit yourself from a lousy conversation lol, by just looking at your watch you can say "Hey, look the time, gotta go" hahaha. When I was in college, when the lesson gets a bit boring, I keep on looking at my watch anticipating the time, at least I have something to look forward to.

When you are caught up in a group discussion and you seemed left out you can just look at your watch and admire it, that way people will not think you are less important, in fact they will think that you have a lot of things to do and that you are a very busy person (for always glancing at your watch hahaha).

My whole point  my friends is that, you must always wear a watch who knows it might co
me handy (LOL).

Semi Edgy Look