Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friends For Keeps

Guess who decided to drop by? My good friend Bajoy. Our unique friendship actually started online (hihi) and we were friends since then (more than 5 years). We both love clothes, food, she loves pastries specifically, we love to shop and window shop, we talk mostly about fashion. And oh, we also have that bond that any friends have, like sharing problems, asking advice, giving unsolicited advice (hihi) and of course being there for each other.

I love the fact that our friendship does not involve cutting each others throat, unlike some friendships I know (they compete). Yes, we both love clothes but mostly not the same type or kind. She is more classy and sophisticated while I'm more on mixed girly, edgy, or classy. We both love food, but still different types of dishes.

I'm super glad to have known her and blessed to have her as a friend. A shout out to my good friend Bajoy, hey, prettiness 'finally made a blog about us. Now it's your turn..hihi...see you soon(",)....(p.s. my son wanted to be in the shots to so ...hihi)

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