Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What about love?

I have mixed emotions right now. Feeling so low and yet high-spirited at the same time. How can that be possible. A part of me just want to run far away from the crowd as possible. And this littlest part of me and yet stronger makes me feel so high. But I want to talk about, love. What about love I say? I am no Love guru, do not expect much from me. I am not that old either, however Life has thought me a lot. Every minute detail of my emotions just leads me to knowing more about this crazy little thing called love.

What is love? EEEEWWWWW so cliche, however, this is the only question that has various answers which answers does not even fit to every individual living and dead. I do not know exactly what love is to others, but as for me love is high-spirited: even if I am no longer young, even if I am in sooooo much pain right now, even if I am with my partner for almost 6 years now and yes, we have a son. For me love is the feeling that does not fade no matter what you feel that day may it be joy or sadness, it is always there, it is how you recognize it that it surfaces from the bottom of your heart and shows on your face(",).

You do not need a better half just to know what love is, Love is different from being in love, I guess. Somehow when you say you are In Love, you feel high. But I have this understanding that being in love varies as well. You see, when you have something new, a new dress perhaps your spirit lifts up a little or in my case, it zooms upward hihi( Hey, I love clothes!). When you have a new pet, you feel in love a little more than having a dress, your feeling climbs up a notch, BUT, a very big but, when you meet someone, your feelings somehow soars way up high and your vision blurs that all you can see is the person you feel "In Love" with. Oh well, I guess I'll end here, more about love, fashion, love, fashion later on. So much to talk about, so little time. It is such a blessing though that we have this thing called "Tomorrow".

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