Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cold Mornings

I'm sensing lately that during mornings this late days of March its a bit colder. Climate change?

Do you know what I fear the most? End of the world. I can't help but think that the Earth might give up on us. That it has been fighting for us, fighting for our survival so that we can live our lives doing our daily routine. Too bad that part of that routine ain't saving or preserving the world that we live in. Do not get me wrong, I am not an environmentalist nor part of any organization concerning the Earth's survival. But somehow, I want to do something, if not much, even a little.

The very good thing living in my city is the strict waste disposal. We are ordered by our local government that we should segregate our garbage, a separate container for the biodegradable and non-biodegradable. If you are caught not following the local ordinance you are fined heavily.

I promise to recycle as what I am doing with my crafts and of course, I promise to abide with the laws of the land. This is my share, my promise, what's yours?

Oh dear Earth, be strong and hold on, please live for us, for all the living creatures here on Earth be it big or small.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY Purse

Hi guys, this is an easy step of creating and designing your own purse. Now that it's summer you will have plenty of time to create one(",).

Step 1: Look for materials that can be seen in your own home, like old pair jeans or a sturdy piece of clothing. In my case I used old pair of jeans, and extra pieces of cloth from other crafts that I made. And chain for the bag which I bought for P20.00 a meter. (If you do not have extra cloths at home, you can buy inexpensive ones in the mall)

Step 2: Measure the clothing on how big or long your purse will be.

Step 3: Cut the pieces of clothing in strips (those with different prints, so that your purse will look colorful)

Step 4: Sew the your purse together, and then sew the pieces of clothing one by one, starting at the bottom, to make it easy pin it in place.

Step 5: Sew the chains on both sides, it will depend on the length that you desire.

My assistant joan will show you the final product and how long the purse looks like (",). Have fun creating your own purse!(",)...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Trip To Marahan

Sometimes I wonder how things come into being. That there is such a place called heaven on Earth. Actually, it is just a personal perspective of how we appreciate life. In my case, I appreciate every little detail and every little thing that can make me happy.

I appreciate the fact that there is this someone we call God, because of what I see and experience here on Earth. Just like what happened yesterday. Me and my side of the family, together with my immediate family now, had a trip to Marahan, it is a 2 hour ride from our City. The temperature there is lower compared here, thus, it is a bit cold. There are beautiful plants and flowers, sprouting just about anywhere. I love watching the beautiful trees and the fields.

Rasul and Riley had super fun too, the former took lot of beautiful shots and the latter run about anywhere which lead me to body pain this morning aarrgghhh. But no complains, no complains (",)...

Anyhoo, here are some of the pictures Rasul took. Have a blessed day!.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Company

I really love it when good friends hang out. Just like yesterday our good friends Gerald and Jing together with their little angel stevie, went and visit. We had a blast. We went to this steak house for dinner, I needed to eat fast in order to help Jing with stevie so that in turn she can eat too. Oh boy, is stevie heavy! hihi. Too bad I didn't have a copy of his picture to upload here he was sleeping all the time and I didn't get a chance to borrow Gerald's slr.

Earlier that afternoon, me and langga got to do test shots too. Fun, fun, fun, it was like we were young again haha.

Getting back to the evening part of yesterday, after dinner we went to this store just to buy Magnum icecream, curiosity got us! haha. But although the icecream was A-ok it was heavy, I wouldn't decide to have another piece.

The last part of the evening ended up at Xed's Cafe or in other words Dextereed's place(",). It was more of a drinking, eating and talking spree.

*Sigh* Like my son's Tonka toy, Chuck the dump truck would say, "Let's do it again!"(",).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh Sweetness

"How much I love you, you will never know. There will never be the right amount of words to match what I feel exactly. But know this Langga, I love you ever so dearly."

I am on cloud 9 right now hihihi. Me and Rasul are together for the past 6 years now, and we have a handsome little boy, named Riley, time was never an issue to us. In fact, we do not celebrate monthsary nor anniversary. It was just not important to us. You know this feeling that, it seems like you are dating everyday. He sings me songs, we go to restos and resorts, watch movies and laugh at tv series together. Take pictures, so on and so forth. The best thing is when he took a simple picture of me and had it printed. hihi....

I know there is no such thing as forever, we both know it, but everyday for the two of us is forever. Love, love, love, love you....tsup...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Diary (",)

Wow, something hit me this morning, memory lane hihi. When I was in high school, I was a fan of writing diaries, I even have different designs. There were crazy, fun, embarrassing memories in there, ewww. But anyway, I remembered that I always had fun writing in my diary.

It was a part of me, an expression of myself. There in my diary, I need not pretend, I need not hold my thoughts, it was all out. And of course I must say, that it is the bestest friend I've ever had. It does not complain, nor argue with you, it listened and kept silent. And you are even rest assured that it won't spill your secrets hihi.

Writing on my diary is a great relief, especially if I am having a bad day. It somehow eased out the burden of carrying the pain that a bad luck had caused me.

When you want to be reminded of how you became who you are at present, you can always look back on your diary, because somehow you can read on how you dealt with different situations and different persons you had encountered along the way.

Have A Blessed Day!(",)..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I love designing shirts for my store, this is one of the sample shirts that I am selling. You girls can easily do it yourselves. Now for this shirt I only made it super simple because I am pressed with time. Anyway, if you have plenty of time use it in decorating your top showing your artistic side.

First Off, you must have a plain shirt or if you opted for a printed one its your choice, but in my sample shirt I used a plain gray shirt.

Second, decide on what you want to design on your top and gather your tools and crafts to be used on your shirt. In my case, I used a gray ribbon tied into a bow. I also used a cute button and beads for additional design.

Third, hand-sew the materials on your shirt. You can also use patches that can be ironed on your top, you can use beads or other materials of your choice as well, sky is the limit.

Have fun making your top(",)....ta..ta...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Relax Mode

Last Saturday, me, Langga and Dextereed went to Forest Hill Resort to unwind. Everybody seemed agitated thus, we decided to go swimming. Since we have not been to this place for years now, we agreed to visit it once more. Much has improved. They added another pool and they offered additional food and beverages. Hmmm, memories, memories, the last time we were here the "barkada" was still complete. = (...See you soon guys (Kin, Bull.d, Nikki, Kat, Ge and Jing)

It was fun and relaxing. We get to take pictures too. Rasul and Dextereed even posed near a no smoking area while smoking, how rude!..hihi.

We were too eager to swim that I didn't get to pose near the pool(",)..hihi...Have blessed Week...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Space Called Mine

So this is how my table looks like, it has a touch of different colors. There is this yellow and blue combi, because I love yellow and langga likes blue. Now there is a touch of pink, it is not really my fave color but maybe subconsciously I have this girly drive within which I thought I never had.

I love Dogs, so when I saw this cute bookend with a pink dog design I was super happy. On the left side of my table hangs few of my axxes. I love Paris, though I haven't been there, and I am a hopeless romantic, I believe in Love and I love the fact of its existence ergo, the stickers. I chose this set of stickers because I want it to be super light amidst the burst of colors. It sorts of balances the mixture of colors so that it won't go over board.

Now underneath my table, you can also see my adoration of animal prints, so I have this thing I usually call floor mat, cow skin design, it is soft and comfortable. One thing about me, I do not compromise comfort otherwise it will ruin my day.

I also have this small containers for my trinkets and thing-a-majig. Its color is light gray though a bit transparent, still it balances other strong colors of my table, and oh, I bought it from SM for less than 500 pesos. Underneath my table is where I also put my purse and my laptop bag when not in use so that it will be an easy access. Being a full time mom and a store owner is not easy, thus, everything I need must be easily found. But do not get me wrong I am not Obsessive Compulsive, just a bit organized (a bit lang, hihi).

Now for my chair, I have this cheap green plastic chair with a cute, chair cushion in Pink with flower patterns hihi. I bought this from a vintage store here in Davao for only 30 pesos, amazing right?!. For a little space, I was able to come up with a design and a space called mine, so minimalist. You see, you do not need expensive decorations or a huge space for your table, just so it could look great. You just have to be creative and be YOU!...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friends For Keeps

Guess who decided to drop by? My good friend Bajoy. Our unique friendship actually started online (hihi) and we were friends since then (more than 5 years). We both love clothes, food, she loves pastries specifically, we love to shop and window shop, we talk mostly about fashion. And oh, we also have that bond that any friends have, like sharing problems, asking advice, giving unsolicited advice (hihi) and of course being there for each other.

I love the fact that our friendship does not involve cutting each others throat, unlike some friendships I know (they compete). Yes, we both love clothes but mostly not the same type or kind. She is more classy and sophisticated while I'm more on mixed girly, edgy, or classy. We both love food, but still different types of dishes.

I'm super glad to have known her and blessed to have her as a friend. A shout out to my good friend Bajoy, hey, prettiness 'finally made a blog about us. Now it's your turn..hihi...see you soon(",)....(p.s. my son wanted to be in the shots to so ...hihi)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stop and Pause

There will be days that I just wanted to stop and take a breather, and this is one of those days. I dunno, could be the heat or just me. Hmmmmm, there are a lot of things going on in my mind right now. Still, there are these mixed emotions, I want to fly, far away and feel numb. Looking through my wall, there are nice romantic stickers but they seem naked to me as if they do not exist. I put them there to make me feel happy, and surprisingly it aint working. Bunch of magazines at the right side of my table, they are supposed to be my ego booster, and then again not working, accessories hanged at the left side of my table, what?! they're there all this time?!. Underneath my table, do you wanna know? bunch of trinkets and other sorts I used in crafting my necklaces. My purse, my animal foot mat as called by me. But then again, thinking of all the good stuff I have, it gives a little smile on my face, "Gurl", you are blessed!..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Super Hot Day

Today is a super hot day, I think it'll rain again later this evening. Anyway, I wore a nautical spaghetti strap top. My Boys didn't even mind me taking their picture. We were a bit busy earlier. Now, we get to relax and oh my cutiepatootie is taking a nap..hush now...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dying Inside

I am in pain, nobody understands me. Too bad the very person who understands me and accepts me for who I am no longer exists in this world. My grandmother, she is my ally, my bestfriend, my cconfidant. During this lowest time of my life, I need her, but it seems all I have is her memory.

I just told somebody yesterday, that it is better to be respected than feared. Because when someone just fear you, there is no love there. You do not see the goodness in the person being feared. You cannot appreciate every small gesture that, that person is doing (and so that person thinks).

I find it very difficult to defend myself, especially if nobody believes in me. Or stated differently, the very person whom you expect to be at your side is the very person putting you down. I am tired...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Cutiepatootie

How do I begin, hmmm, all I can say is that having a son is life changing and challenging as well. There will be traits that will surface that you never know existed before hihi. Like patience, tolerance, more patience, more tolerance. Now that my cutiepatootie knows how to talk, everything is a bit different, every single word that he utters spells cuteness. It is like you want to hear more.

I never imagine that life will be this different, different in a good way. You will literally move mountains for your child. I know I did and I always will. I love you my patootie.

Semi Edgy Look