Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Company

I really love it when good friends hang out. Just like yesterday our good friends Gerald and Jing together with their little angel stevie, went and visit. We had a blast. We went to this steak house for dinner, I needed to eat fast in order to help Jing with stevie so that in turn she can eat too. Oh boy, is stevie heavy! hihi. Too bad I didn't have a copy of his picture to upload here he was sleeping all the time and I didn't get a chance to borrow Gerald's slr.

Earlier that afternoon, me and langga got to do test shots too. Fun, fun, fun, it was like we were young again haha.

Getting back to the evening part of yesterday, after dinner we went to this store just to buy Magnum icecream, curiosity got us! haha. But although the icecream was A-ok it was heavy, I wouldn't decide to have another piece.

The last part of the evening ended up at Xed's Cafe or in other words Dextereed's place(",). It was more of a drinking, eating and talking spree.

*Sigh* Like my son's Tonka toy, Chuck the dump truck would say, "Let's do it again!"(",).

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