Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Trip To Marahan

Sometimes I wonder how things come into being. That there is such a place called heaven on Earth. Actually, it is just a personal perspective of how we appreciate life. In my case, I appreciate every little detail and every little thing that can make me happy.

I appreciate the fact that there is this someone we call God, because of what I see and experience here on Earth. Just like what happened yesterday. Me and my side of the family, together with my immediate family now, had a trip to Marahan, it is a 2 hour ride from our City. The temperature there is lower compared here, thus, it is a bit cold. There are beautiful plants and flowers, sprouting just about anywhere. I love watching the beautiful trees and the fields.

Rasul and Riley had super fun too, the former took lot of beautiful shots and the latter run about anywhere which lead me to body pain this morning aarrgghhh. But no complains, no complains (",)...

Anyhoo, here are some of the pictures Rasul took. Have a blessed day!.


Semi Edgy Look