Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dragon City

     Dragon City, you are killing me!...

    You occupy most of my time, my mind and my emotions..Why?!  I am super obsessed with this FB Game, I am not actually after leveling up per se or competing with other players, I just want a unique EGG! arrrggghh.. It is sooooo frustrating, while waiting for so many hours when its time to hatch, the egg you got is similar to the one you already have = (. I don't want to spend gems to buy unique eggs either hahahha...

   Oh well, I'll just keep on playing until I get bored over the game.hihi...Diminishing marginal utility I hope..oh but not so close yet...ta..ta...

Sunday, September 23, 2012


        I am not really a fan of glasses. Ever since I was young I never ever wanted to wear one. I have this notion that once you are wearing glasses you are already old and it does not look good. But now a days it seems wearing glasses is a fashion statement. Heck, some teenagers even wear them, although they have 20/20 vision.    In my case though, I have a need to wear one because of astigmatism. I feel lucky because now I have plenty of eyeglasses to choose from, ones that do not make you look old haha. I took pictures wearing one,  eeewwww...hahahaha....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I am scared.....

     Scared of what is going on with our world at present. News regarding crimes increasing, internal and external war, and the weird weather acting like a brat! A friend once told me that it would be the end of the world this December 21, 2012. Super creepy right? How should we react? Should we take this seriously or just shrug our shoulder?

   If you are  going to ask me, I want to believe that miracles are real, I believe that miracles are real. Atleast I will have something to keep me going just in case, we will never know for sure.

 I just hope that the world we live in will last longer, when I say longer I mean gazillion years more. Not for my own sake but for the future generation. I want them to experience a beautiful and colorful world. Not the kind that we see in the movies, the dull ones.

     I'm in a dilemma, I know I should not worry, because everything seemed so normal, but I just can't help but notice that some things are changing and sadly not for the better. =(

   Aaarggghhh, I hope I'm wrong for our sake and the future's.

Monday, August 27, 2012

I am 32

      Wow, I just find it so weird that I am in my 30s, it feels like I'm still in my 20s haha wishful thinking (",)...Anyway, as always I am thankful for another year with family and friends, another year to experience how beautiful life is.

        There are just so many reasons to be thankful for. Like plenty of clothes to wear(",), bags, shoes and lots and lots of accessories ooohhh lah lah(",).Plenty of chikahan with friends who make life even more colorful and fun. Places to go and places to be. More blogs to write,  more heartaches, more laughing trips, more movies to watch, more delicious food to eat and a whole lot more of mores.

        Everyday is a special day, it's true you just have to be  a little bit open-minded and selfless to appreciate life. In order to appreciate life you have to pause for a moment and breathe. By then you would understand how amazing it is that you are still alive and breathing. We are too busy with a lot of stuff that we tend to forget what living really means.

     I may not have all the things that I desire (material things haler!) (",), but I feel perfect!(",). To those who disagree with me, aaaahhhhmmmm go make your own blog.(",)hihi..see you next time...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stop Raining On Me

   I am not actually here to talk about the rain, although I am not in favor of what's happening with the weather, getting weirder and weirder. Anyway, I am  just happy that my friend Bajoy dropped by today. Whenever we are together we share ideas which always keep us excited and happy. We talk about a lot of stuff, including clothes of course. Even if we have different preferences regarding clothes, still fashion somehow keeps us together. This is of course one of the main reason why we became friends for more than Five Years now. I can't exactly remember the year but I bet she can (",).    And of course, just like in any normal friendship ours have it's own share of ups and downs but mostly ups hihi. We just learn to patch things up, that's all. I pray with all my heart that this friendship of ours will last forever.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Private Places

               I super love this book (Private Places) and the best part is I bought it on sale for only P83.00 from a P415.00 value. Hihihi, amazing right?. This book talks about how you can have a private space in your very own  house, only a minimal space is required. The book teaches you how to arrange furniture, how to place them according to your style and comfort.

               The pictures are great too, by just looking at them it gives me tons of ideas how to make a little space for my own crafts, and that I can call it my little private place.

               I believe Judith Wilson the author, knows me somehow, and understands my needs. I, being a person with so many things and with little space she somehow came up with great ideas how to keep them stored in  a way that they still look great.  Like for instance in her book the spaces for the bookshelves are thin but not to the extent that it can no longer hold thick and large books. She is a bit minimalist I guess, in a very good way.

               The designs of the bedrooms in this book are also beautiful. The book caters different personalities too, like for instance if you are into Victorian design, country or even eclectic there are explanations and photos in the book which explains how it is done.

              Anyway, I guess I have to stop here for now, I've gotta read some more hihihhihi(",)...take care....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peine de coeur

            They say that words are more real, coming from a heart that is broken. There will always be a time in our lives when sad thoughts seemed to stay longer engulfing our very self. Motionless, breathless, hopeless, everything seemed so bleak and sad. Don't we hate this feeling? I know I do.We just cannot help it, it is not sunny all the time. But of course the optimist will always have a say on this. Like, " How can we appreciate the glory of life if we are always happy? How can we value happiness, if it is consistent? It would seem so dull and lifeless."

   Yeah right?!, I do not know what to believe anymore, the moment I feel happy, I am scared because I am well aware that there is this other side of the coin. And I will be facing it soon. I know I am right because it is happening again. We are like bunch of clowns doing our own little tricks to make people laugh, but underneath that thick make up is a sad face that nobody will ever know. Unless you tell them of course.

    How tiring!, I cannot just explain everything to everybody all the time. And besides I do  not owe anybody any explanation. Maybe, I will learn to like this feeling, the feeling of sadness. How selfish of me, you say, amidst the calamity(fire) and crime(multiple killings in the theater) I still feel this way. I do not have any explanation to what I am feeling right now. I just feel like writing about it. Random thoughts, words running in my head. I want to get them all out. I feel like my head is going to burst.

     Human as I am, I still pray for those who are in pain because of the incidents, yet still as a human being I also need to deal with my own problem. It is almost evening, the sun is almost down. The more depress I get viewing this sight from where I am sitting. Sadness is my blanket, and pain is my bed. What a lovely feeling. Usually when I am feeling down, I sing a song to perk me up, but right now there are no notes to sing, no hymns and no lyrics.

      Let us leave it this way for a moment, let my pain linger. My mind is now empty, it is blank. I guess, it is enough for the day.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Our Pre-nup(",)

Hi there, I would like to share with you guys our pre-nup photos(",). This was done at Playa Azalea, Garden City of Samal. A 15 minute barge ride from Davao City. It was super fun because, me and my hubby was accompanied by people who are close to us, my side of the family and our friends. 

Here goes nothing, hope you'll like it!(",)....


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally Tied The Knot

      As my title for this blog would suggest I am finally married. This happened last June 28, 2012, Thursday at around 3:30pm. It was a very simple, light and warm wedding. We were accompanied by our families, relatives and closest friends.

    We have been together for so long now, roughly 7years, we have a handsome little boy. After all these years I never imagined getting married. I was just comfortable for us 3 to be together, never really thinking of making it formal. And yet the day just came, when we both said, "let's get married". I do not know exactly what the reason is. It could be because we wanted our son to be legitimated, we wanted everything to be in its right place or we just cannot came up of anything else to do other than getting married, hahaha. Yet still I am glad we did, got married.

   If you ask me, nothing much have changed except for the fact that we are wearing rings, saying mom and dad to the other partner's birth parents, and our relationship is on paper. That's practically it. We still do the same thing everyday, keep on loving, surviving and believing in this relationship.

        Being in a relationship is never an easy thing. Both of the parties should work together, putting pride aside. If you live with pride then it is as if you are not living at all. You can never have a perfect soul mate, for  a perfect partner does not exist. But love, understanding, trust, PATIENCE, these are your "baon" to your trip to love and marriage. Always nurture these "baon" of yours, not too little, never too much, just enough to make your relationship healthy.

        Just to make it clear, we had a wonderful boy first before getting married, having a child or getting pregnant is not an excuse to tie the knot. You have to know your partner thoroughly in order to understand him or her and to really know if you are ready to accept him or her forever.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

   Funny, I really consider my life perfect! I may not have all the money in the world and yet still I am happy. What makes my life so imperfect are people who are inconsiderate, insensitive and insecure.

  Anyway, enough about them, let me be vain just for now. Let us talk about me!... weeee....I am hating summer, because it is super hot. My langga told me few days ago this summer it will be triple hot, according to some research. Even if I have not read about it, I believe him, I am experiencing it now. I can not stop whining about it. I love the late afternoons, when the sun mellowed down. I love the latest movie that I have watched, "The Avengers".

Movies that I like:

The Avengers
Harry Potter
Twilight Saga
Geek Charming
How's Moving Castle
Ever After
Sabrina (starring Audrey Hepburn)
Tim Thumb
Singing in the Rain
Wild Child
The Proposal 

       As of the moment I am super busy with the wedding, my son's enrollment and my small boutique. Thank God for all these, it keeps me sane. My mind is cluttered right now, so many ideas, so many plans. Time to take a breather. Good day everyone...Ciao!...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Turtle Sanctuary Photoshoot

  Wow, it has been awhile since I've opened my blog account. I never thought that I could be this busy. Anyway, Rasul (my Langga) and his best bud Gerald had a photoshoot again. The photoshoot happened at Turtle Sanctuary.

   There were Four models, Three girls and a boy, and a hired MUA Clair De Lune, I even had a chance to do a simple make up to one of the models.hihi. It was a super hot and tiring day. Actually I was tired because of the heat of the sun.

  Although it was super hot, I really had a great time, the place was beautiful. Too bad we did not have a chance to swim(",)...Here are some of the pictures Rasul took(",)...Take Care...


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flower Girl Basket


 Wow, I am super beat! In addition to the summer heat, I am super busy preparing for a wedding. Well, it is my wedding actually, hihi. Finally we decided to tie the knot. Ha! another chapter of our crazy, funny, war freak life together as a family me, Rasul and our cutiepatootie Eeno. Anyway, we have a super tight budget in short, we get to make most of the stuff needed for our wedding on our own.

       To start of, our motif is dark blue and cream. I designed a simple basket for our solo flower girl. I did not want it to be too flashy or wrapped with a lot of ribbons and other trinkets, I super wanted it to be simple like our wedding should  be. Anyhoo, here it is. It has Two bows tied on each side, the one with the flower is the main design while the other side, will not actually be visible because it would be facing the body of our flower girl. Hope you guys like it (",)..Until my next update....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dreamworld

         Sometimes, I wish that I was a little girl again, wherein when I am in pain I just get into my secret hiding place and pretend that everything there is perfect. But I can no longer do that now, the obligations are high and the risks are higher.

         But you see I want to talk more about my perfect little world. Like any other dream, it is filled with beautiful colors and beautiful stuff too. I can fly, everybody in my dreamworld can fly. No sadness, only happiness and appreciations. The flowers always bloom no matter what season and the fields are always green. I have a perfect little glass-white house. It is made up of semi wood and glass, it is surrounded with beautiful flowers too. There is a hammock and a garden with fresh vegetables. I am not into vegetables really but it does not mean I don't eat veggies.

        There must be a pond, a shallow one but clean and beautiful. My dress is flowing and always glittering but never heavy, like that of a beautiful fairy. No crimes, no vices, no insults of whatever form. The  best thing about my dreamworld is that everything is free. Everything that you need, food, shelter and clothing, even your wants are free.

      But I guess, I just have to keep on dreaming, because in reality these kind of dreams never come true. = (

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clothes to Ponder Boutique Shoot

     So here's what happened yesterday, me and Rasul had a photoshoot for our mixed vintage store Clothes to Ponder Boutique. I get to be the model and he my photographer of course! hihi. It was fun, but very tiring, I did my own make up, super glad it did not turned out like a zombie/aswang make up hihi. I have been practicing for awhile though but not often and usually not on me..aaarrrggghh. I used to despise make up, I found it exhausting and such a waste of time but when you mature you somehow get to like it if not much maybe just a little = P. Here are sample shots, all tops are for sale BTW, accessories not included. For more details please visit our Facebook Page Clothes to Ponder boutique....thanks..thanks...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In re: Surigao Trip

     These are additional photos from our trip....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vacation with Family and Friends

It has been a while. My holyweek was super busy, I had to do some stuff in our store before I can go on vacation.My parents, uncles and aunts decided to go to Surigao last Thursday we got back only this Saturday. The trip was super tiring, a convoy of 4 vehicles. We were 24 all in all including 3 kids.

Our rally point was at Jollibee right in front of our Village, well my ancestral home's village, I am only there during weekends. The meet up time was 3:30 in the morning, waaaahh super early. I can't image I woke up that early, well the truth is I was forced to hihi. Have I said the trip was tiring? Anyway, we arrived in Surigao at around 8 in the morning I think, and we stopped at this restaurant first to drink coffee and to decide again which way we should go first. And so we went to Tinuy-an falls, it was beautiful! I was relieved seeing it actually, the exhaustion vanished a little. We had our lunch there and took a swim.

Another good thing happened was me seeing Twinky, my friend since highschool. She was in Qatar for quite sometime and she went to Davao for a vacation, and who would have thought that we would see each other in Surigao hihi.

After Tinuy-an we went to Enchanted River, ha! I do not know to explain what I felt seeing that river, it was amazing! Again the trip was bumpy, we were all super tired but the moment I dipped my body in that river I was calmed. And wow, the color of the water was superb, I am glad something so beautiful such as that river exists.

That was the end of our trip for that day. We proceeded to a simple hometel, CJ's hometel to be exact, we had our dinner and slept. And woke up early again! It was 6 in the morning, my gosh! But it was worth it, we went Island hopping at Britania, super fun, super fun. hihi.

My blog can go on and on and on regarding our trip, but I need to stop now because even this morning I am still tired because of that vacation, added the fact that we also went to the beach yesterday, but that's another story. Have a glorious Monday morning, everyone!

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