Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bolero + Sleeveless Top + Culottes = FAB

   So here's the equation Bolero + a printed sleeveless top + culottes = FAB     = P.

     It is so much fun mixing and matching outfits and now adays, girls become more braver and confident. Gone are those times when we need to match our outfits from head to toe in the same color, in fact wearing the same color from head to toe is now considered by some as a fashion crime.

  In this outfit I matched a not so fit printed sleeveless top  (it's actually a tropical print top) with a black culottes. Since, it's still raining every now and then I added this sort of Avocado green bolero with lace to make it a bit feminine.

  Of course these pieces when worn separately will still look good in their own way hihihi. Say for instance, this sleeveless top, you can pair it with a tight skinny jeans and thong sandals with a bit of accessories.

  Culottes themselves are already fashion statements, you can pair them with tank top or buttoned down top for a demure look.

   The Green Bolero on the other hand can be paired with a rugged dress or laced dress and still would look good just the same(",).

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Go "Watch" It

I was going to do a little research about history of wristwatch unfortunately all I can come up with is this German guy Peter Henlein who accordingly made the first pocket watch in 1504 or was it that he was the popular watch maker? lol.

Anywhoo, I just want to talk about wristwatches boy oh boy, where to start. First off, I love wearing watches, I'm not a fan don't get me wrong, I just love wearing them because I consider watches as an important tool in our daily lives. Why? It tracks time, it helps you organize your day and thus, giving you less stress and less worries.

Watches are also one of those accessories which flatter your whole outfit. But you see, watches are more than just a tool for organizing or an accessory to make you look good, it is a "Good Excuse" to exit yourself from a lousy conversation lol, by just looking at your watch you can say "Hey, look the time, gotta go" hahaha. When I was in college, when the lesson gets a bit boring, I keep on looking at my watch anticipating the time, at least I have something to look forward to.

When you are caught up in a group discussion and you seemed left out you can just look at your watch and admire it, that way people will not think you are less important, in fact they will think that you have a lot of things to do and that you are a very busy person (for always glancing at your watch hahaha).

My whole point  my friends is that, you must always wear a watch who knows it might co
me handy (LOL).

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clothes To Ponder Boutique

     Hi guys, Clothes To Ponder Boutique is a small store located at Leonor Bldg., Quirino Ave., San Pedro Extension Davao City. It is owned by me and my husband and managed by me (if I have time LOL).

    Anyway, here we sell vintage, pre-loved and Brandnew items that will suit to different personalities. Most of the designs are unique and one of a kind. Say for instance this top, it is a vintage sleeveless floral top, it is unique in color and design, nice if paired with white shorts or skinny jeans with red pumps(",). This top can also be paired with a knee length skirt, with a skinny belt clinched in your waistline. In other words there can be a gazillion possibilities how to wear this top you just have to be imaginative and let out that inner fashionista in you.

    Hmmm, if this tickles your taste in clothing you can visit our Facebook page just type "Clothes To Ponder Boutique" and voila!(",).

     But we do urge you, Fashionista Girls out there to do drop by our store if you  have time though(",). (If you don't come on make time! LOL)...

Other items:


See you there!!! Oh I forgot to mention, our price range is not that high, student price if stated differently hihi(",)...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I have died a thousand deaths

 How do you weigh pain? The pain that a mother has go through for losing his second born son. I feel like I have died a thousand deaths. It may not be a heavy nor timely memory but the fact that he was inside you, moving and breathing and then all of sudden death steals him from you, it is just too much to take.

I wanted so much to disappear to have never felt this way. But the fact is,I need to be strong for I still have my family, my first born and my husband. For this time being, I am taking my strength from them. I am in a way trying to suppress, I am pretending as if it did not happen, I mourn in a very weird way, it is indescribable.

If only pretending is the answer, but how can you pretend that your skin has not been cut? That there is no wound that can trace and prove that an angel was there living inside you for almost 6 months?

I will mourn for as long as I can fully realize that things happened for a reason. I will mourn for as long as my wound is still fresh.

I would like to take this opportunity though, to thank my family and friends who has been there for us, who somehow alleviates the pain that we are feeling. Thank you for your kind words and gestures.

To my second born, Mama, Papa and kuya will love you forever.....................

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