Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vacation with Family and Friends

It has been a while. My holyweek was super busy, I had to do some stuff in our store before I can go on vacation.My parents, uncles and aunts decided to go to Surigao last Thursday we got back only this Saturday. The trip was super tiring, a convoy of 4 vehicles. We were 24 all in all including 3 kids.

Our rally point was at Jollibee right in front of our Village, well my ancestral home's village, I am only there during weekends. The meet up time was 3:30 in the morning, waaaahh super early. I can't image I woke up that early, well the truth is I was forced to hihi. Have I said the trip was tiring? Anyway, we arrived in Surigao at around 8 in the morning I think, and we stopped at this restaurant first to drink coffee and to decide again which way we should go first. And so we went to Tinuy-an falls, it was beautiful! I was relieved seeing it actually, the exhaustion vanished a little. We had our lunch there and took a swim.

Another good thing happened was me seeing Twinky, my friend since highschool. She was in Qatar for quite sometime and she went to Davao for a vacation, and who would have thought that we would see each other in Surigao hihi.

After Tinuy-an we went to Enchanted River, ha! I do not know to explain what I felt seeing that river, it was amazing! Again the trip was bumpy, we were all super tired but the moment I dipped my body in that river I was calmed. And wow, the color of the water was superb, I am glad something so beautiful such as that river exists.

That was the end of our trip for that day. We proceeded to a simple hometel, CJ's hometel to be exact, we had our dinner and slept. And woke up early again! It was 6 in the morning, my gosh! But it was worth it, we went Island hopping at Britania, super fun, super fun. hihi.

My blog can go on and on and on regarding our trip, but I need to stop now because even this morning I am still tired because of that vacation, added the fact that we also went to the beach yesterday, but that's another story. Have a glorious Monday morning, everyone!

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