Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Private Places

               I super love this book (Private Places) and the best part is I bought it on sale for only P83.00 from a P415.00 value. Hihihi, amazing right?. This book talks about how you can have a private space in your very own  house, only a minimal space is required. The book teaches you how to arrange furniture, how to place them according to your style and comfort.

               The pictures are great too, by just looking at them it gives me tons of ideas how to make a little space for my own crafts, and that I can call it my little private place.

               I believe Judith Wilson the author, knows me somehow, and understands my needs. I, being a person with so many things and with little space she somehow came up with great ideas how to keep them stored in  a way that they still look great.  Like for instance in her book the spaces for the bookshelves are thin but not to the extent that it can no longer hold thick and large books. She is a bit minimalist I guess, in a very good way.

               The designs of the bedrooms in this book are also beautiful. The book caters different personalities too, like for instance if you are into Victorian design, country or even eclectic there are explanations and photos in the book which explains how it is done.

              Anyway, I guess I have to stop here for now, I've gotta read some more hihihhihi(",)...take care....

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