Thursday, July 5, 2012

Finally Tied The Knot

      As my title for this blog would suggest I am finally married. This happened last June 28, 2012, Thursday at around 3:30pm. It was a very simple, light and warm wedding. We were accompanied by our families, relatives and closest friends.

    We have been together for so long now, roughly 7years, we have a handsome little boy. After all these years I never imagined getting married. I was just comfortable for us 3 to be together, never really thinking of making it formal. And yet the day just came, when we both said, "let's get married". I do not know exactly what the reason is. It could be because we wanted our son to be legitimated, we wanted everything to be in its right place or we just cannot came up of anything else to do other than getting married, hahaha. Yet still I am glad we did, got married.

   If you ask me, nothing much have changed except for the fact that we are wearing rings, saying mom and dad to the other partner's birth parents, and our relationship is on paper. That's practically it. We still do the same thing everyday, keep on loving, surviving and believing in this relationship.

        Being in a relationship is never an easy thing. Both of the parties should work together, putting pride aside. If you live with pride then it is as if you are not living at all. You can never have a perfect soul mate, for  a perfect partner does not exist. But love, understanding, trust, PATIENCE, these are your "baon" to your trip to love and marriage. Always nurture these "baon" of yours, not too little, never too much, just enough to make your relationship healthy.

        Just to make it clear, we had a wonderful boy first before getting married, having a child or getting pregnant is not an excuse to tie the knot. You have to know your partner thoroughly in order to understand him or her and to really know if you are ready to accept him or her forever.



  1. WOW!! COngratulations! More blessings to come~


    1. Hi Arrienne, thank you so much!...take care...


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