Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Dreamworld

         Sometimes, I wish that I was a little girl again, wherein when I am in pain I just get into my secret hiding place and pretend that everything there is perfect. But I can no longer do that now, the obligations are high and the risks are higher.

         But you see I want to talk more about my perfect little world. Like any other dream, it is filled with beautiful colors and beautiful stuff too. I can fly, everybody in my dreamworld can fly. No sadness, only happiness and appreciations. The flowers always bloom no matter what season and the fields are always green. I have a perfect little glass-white house. It is made up of semi wood and glass, it is surrounded with beautiful flowers too. There is a hammock and a garden with fresh vegetables. I am not into vegetables really but it does not mean I don't eat veggies.

        There must be a pond, a shallow one but clean and beautiful. My dress is flowing and always glittering but never heavy, like that of a beautiful fairy. No crimes, no vices, no insults of whatever form. The  best thing about my dreamworld is that everything is free. Everything that you need, food, shelter and clothing, even your wants are free.

      But I guess, I just have to keep on dreaming, because in reality these kind of dreams never come true. = (

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