Thursday, April 19, 2012

Flower Girl Basket


 Wow, I am super beat! In addition to the summer heat, I am super busy preparing for a wedding. Well, it is my wedding actually, hihi. Finally we decided to tie the knot. Ha! another chapter of our crazy, funny, war freak life together as a family me, Rasul and our cutiepatootie Eeno. Anyway, we have a super tight budget in short, we get to make most of the stuff needed for our wedding on our own.

       To start of, our motif is dark blue and cream. I designed a simple basket for our solo flower girl. I did not want it to be too flashy or wrapped with a lot of ribbons and other trinkets, I super wanted it to be simple like our wedding should  be. Anyhoo, here it is. It has Two bows tied on each side, the one with the flower is the main design while the other side, will not actually be visible because it would be facing the body of our flower girl. Hope you guys like it (",)..Until my next update....

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