Thursday, April 12, 2012

Clothes to Ponder Boutique Shoot

     So here's what happened yesterday, me and Rasul had a photoshoot for our mixed vintage store Clothes to Ponder Boutique. I get to be the model and he my photographer of course! hihi. It was fun, but very tiring, I did my own make up, super glad it did not turned out like a zombie/aswang make up hihi. I have been practicing for awhile though but not often and usually not on me..aaarrrggghh. I used to despise make up, I found it exhausting and such a waste of time but when you mature you somehow get to like it if not much maybe just a little = P. Here are sample shots, all tops are for sale BTW, accessories not included. For more details please visit our Facebook Page Clothes to Ponder boutique....thanks..thanks...

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