Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bolero + Sleeveless Top + Culottes = FAB

   So here's the equation Bolero + a printed sleeveless top + culottes = FAB     = P.

     It is so much fun mixing and matching outfits and now adays, girls become more braver and confident. Gone are those times when we need to match our outfits from head to toe in the same color, in fact wearing the same color from head to toe is now considered by some as a fashion crime.

  In this outfit I matched a not so fit printed sleeveless top  (it's actually a tropical print top) with a black culottes. Since, it's still raining every now and then I added this sort of Avocado green bolero with lace to make it a bit feminine.

  Of course these pieces when worn separately will still look good in their own way hihihi. Say for instance, this sleeveless top, you can pair it with a tight skinny jeans and thong sandals with a bit of accessories.

  Culottes themselves are already fashion statements, you can pair them with tank top or buttoned down top for a demure look.

   The Green Bolero on the other hand can be paired with a rugged dress or laced dress and still would look good just the same(",).

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