Saturday, June 15, 2013

Clothes To Ponder Boutique

     Hi guys, Clothes To Ponder Boutique is a small store located at Leonor Bldg., Quirino Ave., San Pedro Extension Davao City. It is owned by me and my husband and managed by me (if I have time LOL).

    Anyway, here we sell vintage, pre-loved and Brandnew items that will suit to different personalities. Most of the designs are unique and one of a kind. Say for instance this top, it is a vintage sleeveless floral top, it is unique in color and design, nice if paired with white shorts or skinny jeans with red pumps(",). This top can also be paired with a knee length skirt, with a skinny belt clinched in your waistline. In other words there can be a gazillion possibilities how to wear this top you just have to be imaginative and let out that inner fashionista in you.

    Hmmm, if this tickles your taste in clothing you can visit our Facebook page just type "Clothes To Ponder Boutique" and voila!(",).

     But we do urge you, Fashionista Girls out there to do drop by our store if you  have time though(",). (If you don't come on make time! LOL)...

Other items:


See you there!!! Oh I forgot to mention, our price range is not that high, student price if stated differently hihi(",)...

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